Dance Move For Beginners

Top 10 Easy Dance Moves for Beginners

In dance, there are lots of cool moves and styles for everyone. No matter your age or skill level, there’s sure to be something that will suit you. There’s ballet, to hip hop-hop, folk dance, acrobatics, etc. It’s like a big playground of dance possibilities!

With all these choices, it’s normal to feel a bit unsure about where to start dancing. 

Don’t worry, we can help.

Whether you’re not sure your upper body is flexible enough or keep confusing your left foot with your right foot, we’ve compiled ten (10) easy dance moves for beginners.

Beginner Dance Moves

Dance Move For Beginner

1. Two-Step

This fundamental move is used in various styles and is as simple as the name implies. It’s a step in one direction, followed by a step in the opposite way by the other foot to catch up, and then another step in the same direction by the dominant foot. 

You can incorporate certain variations, such as cross-stepping or a slight heel kick. 

2. The Macarena Dance

The 90s dancing move consists of simple arm movements, a hip shimmy shake, and a quarter hop with your second foot. You can be in the club dancing this, and you’ll still feel at home with all the nostalgia it presents.

3. The Running Man

The Running Man mimics the action of jogging in place at a fast tempo. Characterised by its energetic footwork and rhythmic leg lifts, this timeless dance continues to captivate and impress audiences even in the contemporary dance scene. 

Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to seamlessly blend nostalgia with a modern flair for dance moves, making it a surefire way to showcase style and skill on the dance floor.

4. The Body Roll

The body roll is a popular dance move in any club or hip hop dance tutorial. It’s about having control rather than making big movements. Think of it as a smooth transition between steps, not something flashy. Focus on your upper body, and use your legs to stay steady. Lift your head and start a gentle wave from your chest to your hips. Practice it regularly, and your body rolls will soon look smooth and easy.

5. The Robot Dance

Making stiff movements with your arms, legs, full body rolls, and neck will result in a move known as “The Robot.” Imagine you’re a robot coming to life, with each joint moving like clockwork. People will be amazed at how you can make your body look like a robot with its cool and precise movements. This dance style is like bringing a robot to the party, and it’s a fun way to show off your creativity and futuristic vibes. Remember to keep it stiff and mechanical, and you’ll nail “The Robot” dance move!

6. Shoulder Lean

The right shoulder back lean is a cool dance move from hip-hop. To do it, stand with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders and let your arms hang in front of you. Start by leaning your right shoulder to the right and then your left shoulder back to the left. Your hips act as a pivot, and your torso gives support. You can also try it the other way around. To mix it up, double the leans or add a little head bob for extra style.

7. Whip/ Nae Nae

Silentó, a musical artist, dropped a video for the catchy track ‘Watch Me’ in 2015, giving birth to the popular dance move known as the Whip-Nae Nae. To do it, squat down like you’re driving a car for the “whip” part. After that, for the “Nae-Nae,” raise your hand in the air, wave it back and forth, and sway from side to side.

8. The Floss

This entertaining dance move was popularised by a teenager named Russell Horning, famously known as “The Backpack Kid.” He gained recognition when he appeared on Saturday Night Live as one of Katy Perry’s background dancers during her performance of Swish Swish. In this dance, Horning showcased a simple side-to-side sway, swinging his arms in two steps alternately from side to side—one in front and one behind him. The move’s casual and carefree charm contributed to its rapid viral success, making it a widely recognised and playful element in today’s dance culture, seen everywhere from the streets to screens.

9. Dougie

The Dougie, named after ’80s artist Doug E. Fresh, is a super popular dance that’s gone beyond its hip-hop roots. What makes it so remarkable is how easy it is to learn – it’s a side shimmy with a step touch and some smooth hand movements, usually near your head or hair. The best part is, because it’s open to interpretation, you can put your spin on it and make it your own. So, the Dougie is not just easy; it’s also super versatile!

10. The Waltz

The Waltz got its name from the German word “to roll or revolve.” It became quite popular in late 18th-century Vienna. Despite its origins in peasant folk dance, the Waltz is surprisingly not as tricky to learn as beginners as you might think. You can easily spot it with its distinctive 3/4 time signature and the repetitive “one-two-three, one-two-three” rhythm. To give it a go, all you need is a partner!

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Dancing is fantastic because it brings together two essential values everyone should uphold: having fun and being physically fit.

For those looking to get some fitness, dancing is a great choice. Any time, any place is perfect for busting out some fun dance moves.

With just some music and great company, you can have a blast dancing with these simple dance moves.

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