Our PRE-SCHOOL classes offer something for everyone.

At CDA, we celebrate childhood and value the opportunity to let kids be little by designing our experiences to mirror the maturity of the students. Our Pre-School classes are specifically designed for early childhood, with a strong emphasis on developing the social, emotional and developmental needs of young children.

Our curriculum focuses on:

• Social skills.
• Correct dance technique.
• Development of fine and gross motor skills.
• An understanding and appreciation of varied musical genres.
• Opportunities to explore and develop imagination.


Our popular MINI MAGIC dance class is structured for children aged between two and five.

In this one-hour, action-packed class, the young students will learn an early appreciation for jazz, tap and classical ballet as well as miming and character work.

The Mini Magic dance classes are all choreographed around age-appropriate music such as High 5, The Wiggles and ABC Soundtracks.

Classes are held every weekday afternoon and Saturdays across our six locations during the school term.



Fairy wands, fairy wings and tutus are the perfect formula for a fairy fantasy that every budding ballerina will love.

Our beautifully calm, 30-minute FAIRY BALLET classes are a wonderful introduction to the basic techniques, positions and technical development of classical ballet.

Classes are held every Saturday from 10.30am – 11.00am during the school term.


This mix of kindergym and early recreational gymnastics is a must for every active pre-schooler!

TUMBLETASTICS is a specially designed program offering an early stage of strength and stretch, teaching your little one the basic forward roll, cartwheel and hand stand.

As this is a skill-based program to accompany dance, a core style of jazz, tap or ballet must be completed in conjunction with an enrolment in this class.

Classes are held every weekday afternoon and Saturdays across our six locations during the school term.


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