An EXAMINATION SYLLABUS provides a strong foundation
that dance classes are based on.

Following a well-structured and globally recognised syllabus ensures the tuition that the dancers are getting meets tried and tested standards common across studios all over the world.

A syllabus also offers the opportunity for dancers to undertake examinations under an external assessor. Students receive a detailed and encouraging report several weeks later with a certificate and medal. Exams are usually undertaken annually. They’re a great way to set goals, get feedback and instil a sense of achievement as well as qualifying students for possible future careers as dance

At Creative Dance Academy, we teach the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) syllabi in ballet, Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy (L.G.T.D.A) syllabi in tap and Acrobatic Arts (Acrodance) syllabi in acrobatics. All CDA staff are fully trained and qualified within these examining bodies.


At CDA, the students are trained in the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.) syllabus for both grade and major examinations. The R.A.D. is the most widely recognised classical ballet syllabus in the world, producing the best technical performers in today’s ballet companies. It is a portfolio of examinations designed to reward, motivate and encourage ballet students of all ages and abilities by following a progressive structure for learning and achievement.

Ballet promotes discipline, self-confidence and develops students’ co-ordination, strength and technical ability. We offer our students the opportunity to complete their R.A.D ballet exams on an annual basis and offer classes from Pre-Primary through to Advanced levels. Students must attend a minimum of two ballet classes a week to be eligible for exams.



At CDA, our students are trained in the Les Griffith Tap Dancing Academy (L.G.T.D.A.) syllabus from PreTest through to Advanced levels. The syllabus was created by the late Mr Les Griffith, the mentor of “Newcastle Tap”, and was the cornerstone of the success of world-renowned tappers such as Dein Perry and the Tap Dogs as well as globally recognised tap shows such as Hot Shoe Shuffle and Steel City.

Focusing on musicality, percussion and co-ordination, our tap students are taught both single and double-beating rhythmical combinations reflecting the styles of dancers from Fred Astaire through to Jason Samuels Smith.

We offer our students the opportunity to complete their L.G.T.D.A. tap exams on an annual basis. They are designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.


At CDA, our students are trained in the Acrobatic Arts (Acrodance) syllabus. Acrodance combines classical techniques with acrobatic skills. While all dance is physical, this form is particularly athletic and has unique choreography due to its use of acrobatics in a dance environment.

Acrodance classes will improve confidence and co-ordination while building core strength. Upper and lower-body strength is needed in Acro, the acrobatic elements and aerial stunts that are common in dance routines requiring performers to support themselves and sometimes a partner. Acrodance lessons will help students strengthen their muscles, often without them even realising.

The Acrobatic Arts syllabus instils strong foundations for increasing flexibility and balance, which dance genres such as ballet and lyrical also require.  The more flexible your child is, the better range of motion they’ll have with their muscles.

CDA offers Acrodance classes from Recreational through to Elite levels every weekday afternoon and Saturdays across our six locations during the school term.


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