Acrobatic Dance

What is Acrobatic Dance?

You may be looking for a new and exciting dance for your child to try. Maybe they don’t want to do ballet but want something similar but more dynamic. In this case, why not try acrodance?

Acro dance or acrobatic dance is a dance form that incorporates nearly every style of dance, but most commonly lyrical, contemporary, or jazz, with acrobatic skills and tricks. In the dance context, every style requires some degree of physical exertion, but the use of acrobatics in the dance choreography makes this style stand out. 

Acro dance combines the dynamic elements of acrobatics with the artistic expression of modern dance, creating a unique and exciting fusion. It builds strength, flexibility, and coordination and encourages creativity and self-expression.

Read on to discover why acrobatic arts might be the best option for your kid and why they’ll love it.

Benefits of Acrobatic Arts

Benefits of Acrobatic Dance
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1. Strength

Acro dance requires tremendous upper- and lower-body power. As such, when your kid consistently practices their acrobatic movements, they inevitably acquire the strength needed to perform acrodance. 

Acro dancers must be physically strong to execute the acrobatic elements frequently incorporated in performances safely. Your child’s muscles will grow stronger from taking acrobatic dance classes, an

2. Balance and adaptability

Acrobatic arts syllabus typically features stunts and aerial walks that require a high degree of flexibility and balance. With acrodance, your kid’s muscle range of motion will increase as they become more flexible. 

3. Confidence

Learning acro, which is often considered to be among the most challenging dance styles, can increase students’ self-esteem. As children learn and master new acro tricks, they experience a sense of accomplishment. Successfully executing difficult maneuvers builds a sense of competence, leading to increased confidence in their abilities.

Moreover, overcoming physical challenges that come with dance competitions and pushing personal limits in learning this art form fosters a positive self-image.

4. Coordination

The combination of dance and acrobatics enhances coordination skills. Children learn to synchronise their movements, control their bodies, and execute precise sequences, contributing to improved motor skills. Coordination can also be significantly improved by learning and practising unique choreography, including cartwheels, chest stands, handsprings, and hand walking.

5. Stress relief

Acro classes are a great way to release tension. Whenever your kids attend an acro dance class, they can just focus on their routine and forget about the pressures of school and growing up. They are free to dedicate their full attention to the task rather than worrying about looming schoolwork and upcoming tasks.

6. Balanced lifestyle

Any dance lesson will help you live a healthier, more well-rounded life. If you start your kid early on in an extracurricular activity like dancing, they’ll be more likely to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.

Once that habit is established, it’ll be easy for them to maintain it when they become older. Your child’s newfound interest in dance will be the first step toward a healthier, more well-rounded life. They may not end up as dance professionals, but they’re more likely to find other forms of exercise to add to their routines.

7. Self-Expression

Students who take acrobatic dance classes may find they have a safe place to express their feelings. Through physical activity, they can release pent-up emotions and discover productive outlets for their energy. If a child can learn to channel their emotions via dancing, they will have a healthy outlet that they can use far into adulthood.

8. Sociability

Enrolling in acrobatic dance classes will benefit your kid’s physical and social development. Acrobatic dance often involves working with partners or within a group. Working together on routines and performances encourages teamwork, communication, and social interaction, which helps children develop good social skills at an early age.

Moreover, with acro dance classes, they will be placed in a group with similar age and interest profiles. This will allow them to socialise with kids in a setting other than a school. Your child will form friendships with other kids who share their passion for acrobatic dance as they practice together to learn and improve routines.

As they enhance their acro skills and learn acrobatic tricks, they also enhance their social skills.

Want to enrol your kid in the best Acro dance school?

Kid Acro Dance School
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For us, dance is an art form, and we do everything to teach your kids the joy and discipline that comes with it. From mastering impressive acrobatic tricks to expressing themselves through artistic choreography, our classes provide a holistic approach to physical and creative development.

By enrolling your child in our acro dance program, you’re not just signing them up for dance classes – you’re giving them the opportunity to build lifelong skills, lasting friendships, and a deep appreciation for the joy of movement. Let us be the catalyst for your child’s dance journey.

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