Time Management

Benefits of dancing


Time management holds a crucial place in a person’s life. Foremost, time management helps a person achieve more in a short period of time. No matter one’s age, learning time management is crucial. For instance, when kids learn time management; it helps them manage their school work, group activities and future tasks.

Although time management may be taught in the classroom, there is no better way to teach oneself or their children the art of effectively managing time than enrolling them in a dance class.

Learning time management is perhaps one of the best benefits of dance classes.

classTo start with, Ballet dance instructors are arguably some of the strictest instructors with regards to time. The studios will strictly open at certain times for one group and other times for another group. 

Keeping a schedule is a requirement in ballet dancing.

Notably, dancers must be at the dance rehearsals at a specific time and for specific hours. Missing such times may mean that a student will never catch up on a certain technique.

Time management skill is learned as a matter of necessity because dancers have to create time for the long sessions of rehearsals and still attend to other activities. Dancers who attend school must learn to balance between schoolwork and time for dance classes and practice.

Besides, ballet dance is an exceptionally organized and greatly coordinated activity. By participating in the dance; students get organized as their mind is accustomed to the structured nature of ballet dancing.

Noteworthy, time management involves organizing one’s activities according to their importance or urgency. When a person is accustomed to being organized, undoubtedly, they grow to be good time managers because there is less time wasted on unnecessary activities.

Manage one’s space and habits

Also, time management involves managing one’s space and habits. Due to the nature of the strict schedules of dance classes, students learn to manage their space and habits by keeping their things at easily-accessible spots, so they will not waste time to look for the items.
One of the common tricks that the dancers employ so to create time for all the activities is to create a to-do list. No matter one’s schedule, more so for adults enrolling for the class, learning time management will help them juggle their busy schedules.

Ballet dance also teaches students to spend their time only on relevant things. Most times people will complain that they do not have time for their various activities, yet they waste time scrolling on their phones for no reason or watching TV to late hours.

Learn multitasking

Another handy rule of good time management is to learn multitasking. Going to ballet lessons will in most cases require you to have done workouts to be physically ready for the different moves. Dancers will, therefore, have no choice but to create time for such workouts and, where possible, perform such workouts alongside other activities. For instance, dancers can do a morning jog while listening to podcast lectures on their mobile devices. More so, ballet dancers appreciate that above all; they must include time for themselves.

The aspect of discipline

Many ballet dancers will also attest to the disciplined nature of ballet dance. The aspect of discipline is intertwined with good time management. For instance, persons enrolling for ballet dance for professional purposes will be strictly required to adapt healthy habits and workouts. Also, discipline is required as students must take heed of the instructors and follow the dance sequence. To this extent, a disciplined person will adhere to the set down schedule and observe the strict timelines for each activity. Without discipline, schedules and to-do lists would be meaningless.

The element of sacrifice

Another element of time management is sacrifice. Sacrifice is perhaps one of the most prominent features of ballet dance. Here, sacrifice ranges from the sacrifice of one’s time to sacrifice of the things one loves. Once a person enrolls in ballet dance, they will learn to sacrifice some of the less beneficial activities in their lives to create time for dance lessons.