Musical Theatre Classes In Sydney

Creative Dance Academy provides professional musical theatre dance classes in Sydney, Australia.

We officially opened in 1988 and ever since we have been assisting students of all ages in developing dance skills and turning graduates into professional dancers and some becoming teachers.

By the age of 12, many students will have achieved dance skills across many types of styles including musical theatre, ballet to jazz dance classes.

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Why us?

Why us?

To include the Creative Dance Academy as the best, we value dancers more whereby we provide dance-wear, as well as we are provided with an ambassador. Considering the bachelor of Dance follows a strong objective and an excellent commitment in practicing dance. The main focus is to establish highly knowledgeable, versatile, disciplined, as well as skilled dance artists through an atmosphere and environment that promotes support as well as encourage them while they make every effort in acquiring that creative, scholarly as well as technical excellence. Check out our dance classes Windsor and other nearby dance lessons we have for you.

Why is Musical Theatre so Popular in Sydney?

Having these dance classes as the most popular leisure or sport, musical theatre has also taken the lead in activities of both kids and adults, which has become a booming industry with no regulator. Most of the majority of young ones attend dance school in the evening, however we have a dance timetable throughout the day and week with our popular dance lessons. Thus it has resulted in extensive standards as well as codes with also having a great time. There is also the advantage of scrutinizing the students despite it being a massive as well as fast-developing sector.

Considering its supportive environment Creative Dance Academy is a unique dancing school in Sydney whereby it has provided entry to advanced performers who engage in any dance. Moreover, we are empowered to teach creatively in the area of expertise which is a major objective to acquire their goals. We have always regarded our students as having versatility whereby they have been proudly highlighted as qualified students in an international rating. Due to this, the graduates follow to perform in lyrical and contemporary dance classes and ballet dance classes as well as cast members in musical theatre productions, as artists in videos and films. Moreover, others can feature as solo artists in cabaret; others have found their expertise as dance captains, choreographers or performance directors, as well as others, engage in teaching private dance studios or secondary schools.

Creative Dance Academy has Dance Lessons for all Ages:

In Sydney, Creative Dance Academy follows as the only performance oriented dance degree whereby they are boasted as professional performances. The teenage students take part in Teentastic whereby the majority of the devoted time is through practical classes working on choreography or technique of the top 20 charts, or performance through rehearsing pieces. Drama dance classes are provided include appreciation and dance production, body science, film and dance, electives in pedagogy as well as musical theatre. Our objective is on tailored learning which takes a span of two to four years deciding their choice of units. The preschool dance classes and toddler dance classes Sydney are also focused on their ability and age.

  Creative Dance Academy has Dance Lessons for all Ages

So, whether you want your kids to join jazz, acrobatics dance classes or Eisteddfod dance classes, you can contact Creative Dance Academy in Sydney on 0401 968 606 or email us. This is the best platform where your children can get the best guidance and training to excel in different fields across New South Wales. You can find out more about our dance classes Riverstone, dance classes Castle Hill and in Cranebrook.

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