Heroes vs Villains Trivia Night

Heroes vs Villains Trivia Night

Heroes vs Villains

Saturday 7th May – 7pm

CDA Central – Unit 3 / 317 Windsor Road, Vineyard

$10.00 per head – ADULTS ONLY

We will need to make up tables of 10 – 12 people but don’t worry if you don’t have enough friends to make up an entire table as we can put smaller groups together. Just fill out your details below and we will do the rest.

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You don’t need Einsteins brain, just a great sense of humour !

Come and join a night of fun and entertainment- this is NOT a dancing only event so please bring as many of your friends and family along as you can muster. The more the merrier and the more fundraising $$ for our gorgeous kiddies !

BYO:          Nibblies, drinks, chairs & gold coins for our games

DRESS UP:    In your own table’s theme of SUPERHEROES & VILLAINS

Each ‘Elite’ dancing family is requested to donate a gift for prizes.

Some ideas are –

Vouchers:                    Bloch, JB Hi-Fi, ITunes, Beauty salons, Coles, Bunnings, etc….

Alcoholic Beverages:  Wine, spirits, etc….

Baskets/Hampers:       Beauty products, chocolate items, handyman items, etc….

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