Classical ballet classes for Toddlers & Kids in Sydney Classical ballet classes for Toddlers & Kids in Sydney

If your child has expressed an interest in dancing and longs for her pink tutu and satin slippers, why not consider enrolling her into a beginner classical ballet class at Creative Dance Academy?

Ballet has many benefits and promotes not only physical exercise and strength but boosts concentration and helps kids develop an understanding for music and rhythm. Whether your kid is 4 or 14, every child can benefit from age-appropriate ballet classes.

Like all dance forms, classical ballet is physically intense, it improves muscular strength, flexibility and it enhances body awareness and physical self-control in children of all ages.

In addition to the physical benefits classical ballet classes for kids can also help to boost self-esteem in young children. Through classical ballet training children develop a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master more challenging dance combinations.

Classical ballet classes at Creative Dance Academy are fun for our young students. We provide an environment where kids can train their social skills like teamwork, communication and trust while they build friendships. Some might even overcome shyness and reduce their fear of performing in front of an audience.

For kids who are curious to explore other forms of dancing, such as jazz, hip-hop or drama, classical ballet offers a solid foundation and is a great starting point.

Learn classical ballet at Creative Dance Academy

We make dance fun while teaching the skills and techniques to become a prima ballerina. Our classical ballet classes are open to children and teenagers from age 2 up to age 18 and students are put into a graded class depending on their age.  Creative Dance Academy provides classes in every grade from pre-primary for the very young students through to major grades of advanced. Learn classical ballet at Creative Dance Academy

The students of Creative Dance Academy are trained in the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.) syllabus for both grade and major examinations. The R.A.D. is the most widely recognised classical ballet syllabus in the world producing the best technical performers in today’s ballet companies. It is a portfolio of examinations designed to reward, motivate and encourage ballet students of all ages and abilities by following a progressive structure for learning and achievement.

All of our dance teachers have been teaching classical ballet classes for many years. They are well-experienced, patient and will give each young student individual attention and encourage them to maximise their potentials. 

Creative Dance Academy’s ballet dance classes locations in Sydney’s West

We teach classical ballet classes at all of Creative Dance Academy’s six dance schools in Sydney’s West:

  • Bligh Park: Windsor Park Primary School,156 Rifle Range Road, Bligh Park
  • Cranebrook: Andromeda Community Centre: 79-81 Andromeda Drive, Cranebrook
  • Wilberforce: Wilberforce School of Arts: 531 Wilberforce Road, Wilberforce
  • Stanhope Gardens: Blacktown Leisure Centre: Cnr Stanhope Parkway & Sentry Drive, Stanhope Gardens
  • North Richmond: North Richmond Community Centre: 33 William Street, North Richmond
  • Vineyard: Unit 3, 317 Windsor Road, Vineyard
  • Jordan Springs: 2 Cullen Ave Jordan Springs

Living around Blacktown and Penrith area?

A lot of our ballet students live in Blacktown, Penrith, the Hawkesbury or Hills area. If your child is curious about learning ballet, just give us a call or send us an email, we are happy to help you find the most suitable class for your child.

At Creative Dance Academy we also offer toddler dance classes or jazz dance classes and many more.

You can see our individual class prices or package deals here.

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Benefits of Ballet Lessons

Do you think your kid would gain from some kind of activity and you’re looking to introduce them to some form of exercise? Are there other health benefits you are hoping the activity will offer? A fantastic thing to introduce your kid to might be ballet dance. While offering many health benefits in several areas of life, kids ballet classes are educational, and provide emotional benefits and social interaction all simultaneously. Did you know within a child’s first years of life they are already developing a sense of self-worth and their own personal identity? Ballet can help your kid to feel accomplished and creative. When they perform and show other people what they have learned, they will feel a sense of pride.

Your kid actually starts to create an identity and their self-esteem is raised. Usually, children are shy or awkward in front of other people, but performing will help children overcome these fears. Another important self-esteem raiser for many children is being able to handle stage fright. Motivate your child to do their best in class, and as a parent, it is important to try to attend all of their performances. Ballet can also help them mentally in addition to emotionally. Ballet involves kids to learn many different techniques and combinations. Stamina, self-confidence and mental strength are usually acquired through repetition of techniques and moves. When a youngster begins to coordinate movements with music, their mental strength is greatly increased. 

A great foundation for other dance styles, ballet can prepare them for many other different sports. Having a background in ballet can greatly increase physical and mental strengths in other activities even if they decide ballet is not for them in the future. In addition, ballet teaches children about the arts, music, and general performance. A whole new world is opened up to young children when learning about different things and they could actually discover other interests and abilities they have through ballet. 

Private Ballet lessons

Ballet requires groups of kids to work together to create a unified and graceful overall performance. It requires students to be on certain markings, follow certain students, and understand where their place in the performance is. Due to the nature of ballet, your child can develop communication and teamwork skills. After all, a group performance requires everyone to pull their weight. Learning communication and teamwork will help children develop these skills at home, as well as later in life when they may have a job that requires them to work often with others. Ballet is also physically beneficial. Your child will develop physical strength and stamina as ballet is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Good posture, balance, muscle toning, and flexibility are all a direct result of ballet. 

Certain exercises are accomplished during class since they are following routines and working as a team. This is often a creative way to get rid of excess body fat as they will be doing exercises that target every aspect of the body, enabling them to lose weight while not even comprehending that they are working out. A kid’s lung capacity may also be strengthened by the cardiovascular workout they can get every class period. If your youngster takes kids ballet classes, they can benefit in more ways than one. Ballet can offer a variety of benefits to the physical, mental, emotional, social, and educational aspects of your child’s life.

Classical Ballet


Classical Ballet is a form of dance characterized by its classicism, grace, and long history. Ballet dancers have to practice extensive self-discipline in order to maintain and practice their craft. This type of dance is a great technical foundation for other dance forms, and many different types of dancers note that they started off their dancing lives learning ballet.

Techniques and methods taught at Rain and Lucky are based on those taught at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and are influenced by the decades of collective experience of our dance teachers dancing professionally in Australia and abroad. Students at our school can choose to work towards RAD exams for greater dance development and achievement. Ballet classes in 2019 will also include a National Character component, which consists of learning various European folk dances used in famous ballets such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

Contemporary ballet

Contemporary ballet is a genre of dance that consists of elements and techniques of both classical ballet and modern dance. With roots in the 20th century, it is generally a more fluid dance form, departing from the restraints and precise form of classical ballet techniques and traditional composition. Contemporary ballet allows a greater range of movement, and while its foundations lie in its classical counterpart, it goes further than classical ballet by using these base concepts as a space to explore new ideas, experiment with emerging techniques, and challenge tradition. Combining the classical art of ballet with modern dance styles enables contemporary ballet dancers to undertake a journey of creative exploration very different to other dance forms.



The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet teaching. Students at RAD have the option of taking annual examinations, which are a fun and challenging way of developing their self-discipline and dancing technique. In order to sit RAD exams, students must take at least one additional ballet class per week. Are you looking for a ballet dancing studio for your toddlers and kids? You found the right place, contact us today!