5 Reasons Every Parent Should Encourage Their Child to Dance

5 Reasons Every Parent Should Encourage Their Child to Dance

If you’re a parent, you know that finding activities that your child enjoys is key to keeping them happy and engaged. One activity that is often overlooked is dance. Despite what some may believe, dance is not just for little girls; boys can enjoy it just as much. Here are five reasons why every parent should encourage their child to give dance a try.

  1. Dance is a fun way to improve the physical health of your child.
    Through dance, music and movement, children get to have fun and express themselves while exercising. It increases their balance, flexibility, and strength, and will enhance their physical development for years to come.
  1. Dance enhances emotional development.
    Dance is a great emotional release. Through learning new steps and routines, children build confidence within themselves. They are also able to explore thoughts, feelings, and ideas physically and build a richer understanding of concepts in a well- supported safe space.
  1. Dance encourages creativity
    Self-expression and coming up with ideas are major components of creativity. Creative dance also establishes a bond between the child and the other children who participate. It helps them to understand how they share the same physical space and how they can connect and collaborate together.
  1. Dancing strengthens social development
    How children feel about themselves, and other people is a big part of their social development. Some children struggle with social interactions at school. In a safe space and in a more accepting environment, children learn to be more accepting and confident through dance and their interactions with other children. When children learn the joy of dancing, they learn better ways to communicate and express themselves.
  1. Dance increases cognitive development and enhances focus
    When children learn steps and how to move their bodies through repetition, they teach themselves how to focus and use memory recall. Much like learning numeracy and literacy, dance will enhance and teach concentration and retention.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your little one registered for the next term of Creative Dance classes and let them experience all the benefits dance has to offer. They will have a blast, meet new friends, and get healthy and active in the process. And don’t forget, at Creative Dance we consider each child part of our family so they will be supported every step of the way.

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